Iris’s facilities are hosted at Makarios Teleport in Cyprus. The site is ideal for the provision of satellite services as it combines mild climatic conditions with a privileged geographical location. It provides optimum visibility of the geostationary arc from 39° West to 106° East and numerous antennas can reach satellites with coverage ranging from the Americas to Australia.

Makarios Teleport has been in operation since 1980. The site is home to a large farm of earth stations operating with abroad collection of satellites from most major operators. A multitude of satellite links are provided in C, Ku, DBS and Ka frequency bands. The satellite antennas and associated equipment utilized at the Teleport are provided by first rate suppliers with extensive experience in the provision and installation of satellite earth station systems. The Facility is well-served by Cyta’s telecommunications infrastructure, which offers diverse fiber connections both locally and internationally.

Cyta is a technology driven organisation and its capability to offer quality services to its customers is of particular importance. The Teleport is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by competent personnel, qualified for the provision of satellite services and with extensive experience in satellite communications. Cyta has undertaken a major effort to conform to recognised international standards in order to standardise its processes and ensure compliance with the target high-quality results. All activities of Cyta, including its Teleport Operations are ISO certified. Furthermore, Cyta is an active member of the European Foundation for Quality Management EFQM and is the first company in Cyprus to be recognized with 5 stars for excellence.

A broad collection of teleport services are offered from Makarios Teleport including satellite television, internet connectivity and hosting services. VSAT links and satellite control & monitoring services to satellite operators are also provided. The site also serves as a video head-end for Cyta’s IPTV offering in the Cyprus market. The full set of services offered by Iris is provided at Makarios Teleport.

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