AsiaSat 5 Digital Platform

Iris offers a Full-transponder Platform on AsiaSat 5 satellite, reaching wide audiences in Asia and Australia. The Platform utilises MPEG-2/DVB technology to offer Video, Audio and Data services for direct-to-home reception and contribution links. The services are offered in association with AsiaSat. AsiaSat 5 is located at 100,5˚ East and its coverage extends from the Middle East to Asia and Australia. Its prime orbital location and extended coverage have established AsiaSat 5 as one of the most popular satellites in the region.

Iris’s Digital Platform is hosted at Makarios Teleport in Cyprus, which serves as a gateway feeding services to AsiaSat 5 from Europe and the Middle East. The main services offered through the Platform include digital television, radio programs and data services. Iris has already been chosen by major Middle East broadcasters for the distribution of their programs via AsiaSat 5. The services are tailored in accordance with the customer needs and are suitable for Direct to Home (DTH) reception, distribution to Cable Head-Ends, and point-to-point contribution links.

Customer services can be readily received with one of the numerous antennas located at the Teleport. Alternatively, signal reception is also provided with through the extended fiber optic network of Cyta. The signals for the Platform are processed and multiplexed onsite for uplinking to AsiaSat 5. The Digital Platform is fully DVB compliant and suitable for reception with a wide range of digital receivers.

Services on the Digital Platform are monitored on a full time basis by experienced personnel capable of dealing with any situation that may arise. Each individual service is monitored separately at the origin and destination feeds to ensure that our customers enjoy high quality of service.

Technical Characteristics of the Service

Satellite: AsiaSat 5 @ 100,5° East
Transponder Number: C1V
Downlink EIRP: 39 dBW typical
Transponder Frequency: 3.660 GHz
Polarisation: Vertical
Bandwidth: 36 MHz
Symbol Rate: 27.5 MSymbols MPEG-2/DVB-S
Modulation: QPSK
Error Correction: ¾ FEC and 204/188 Reed-Solomon coding