Occasional Services

Iris serves as a major hub for the turnaround of Occasional Services around the globe. We cover a variety of special events, such as sports and news feeds, lasting from a few minutes to numerous hours. Iris provides one-time and recurring events and offers special arrangements for long-term commitments.

Our teleport in Cyprus is located in a privileged position between Europe, Asia and Africa and offers many uplink alternatives to deliver the services to the desired international destinations on time. We have the capability to receive from almost every satellite from 39° West to 106° East. Extra antennas are reserved specifically for Occasional Services to ensure our availability when needed. We can readily accommodate diverse requirements, including HD and encrypted service and are suitably equipped to offer multiple simultaneous feeds in both C-band and Ku-band.

Our Operations are manned on a 24 hours basis, 365 days per year and all services are monitored continuously at both the source & destination feeds. A 24h booking office accepts customer requests, schedules events, coordinates space segment bookings and ensures end-to-end readiness for all services.

Occasional Services often include prime content and quality and reliability are important for most customers. Iris is a reliable and dependable provider that pays particular attention to details in order to ensure that our customer enjoy high-quality and trouble-free services.