Fiber Connectivity products

The International Wholesale Division of Cyta, CytaGlobal, offers services in the international market and has an extensive cooperation with Iris. Recognising the need to address diverse customer needs, Iris is utilising the international fibre network of CytaGlobal to complement its satellite offering. These products provide integrated solutions to customers interested in delivering or receiving their services via fibre.

Apart from its facilities in Cyprus, Iris can receive or deliver customer services at major international Telehouses via fibre optic links in association with CytaGlobal. Points of Presence (PoPs) are conveniently located in main European countries such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Milan, Marseilles and Athens. Services to other major international destinations are also offered in collaboration with local providers. In association with its partners, Iris provides clear capacity circuits, internet connectivity and VPNs over Ethernet and MPLS.

Iris has the ability to combine fiber and satellite capabilities and produce integrated products, using modern technologies, at competitive prices.